Double Dragon II Comparison In Order Of Greatness (Maybe Controversial)

Hey Whatsup retro fans OSG here with another Comparison In Order Of Greatness and this time its Double Dragon 2 The Revenge
Now I’ve made no secret that Double Dragon 1 is my favourite game of all time, but as a kid I just couldn’t get to grips with the drastically changed controls of Double Dragon 2.
Now though I’m that little bit older, little bit wiser and I have grown to love the game.
So let’s get on with it 12 systems some good some not so good and a few great
In 12th place is the MSX version and you may be thinking I have the ratio wrong but no…this is how the game was..don’t know why they used only half the screen but on top of that it’s a spectrum port and besides the music which I quite like is a total pile of crap
11th place goes to the Spectrum, Now this for a Spectrum game isn’t too bad I don’t think …I mean it’s no Target Renegade but it is playable, I just find that its missing one of the most important aspects of the game though the music…leaving it a bit boring
In 10th place is IBM PC and although this actually looks really nice, the gameplay is slow, the sound effects are abysmal and the lack of any music just kills the game completely
9th Place goes to the Atari ST, Again looks nice, it’s that little bit smoother than the PC version but I cannot understand why they would make such a good job of the graphics and then totally spoil it by not having in game music
C64 takes the 8th place, now everyone knows that I am a Commodore 64 fan but apart from the music it’s just not what I expect from a DD game…don’t get me wrong its better than DD1 in every way but still not good enough
In 7th place we have the GameBoy version and this is based more on the NES version than the Arcade, that being said the NES version is a great game and they did a good job here on the GameBoy…what I have found while doing these comparisons …they really could knock a good tune out on that little hand held
6th place goes to Mega Drive and when I first saw the screen shots of this I expected more, it’s got everything nice graphics, good music and sound but its lacking in probably the most important area…the gameplay doesn’t live up to these good bits..still its playable though
In 5th place we have the Amstrad and this is really pretty impressive for this system, the graphics while rough looking still are nice, the music is awesome and the gameplay although a bit slow is still good
4th place goes to the PC Engine, Again this is loosely based on the arcade. The gameplay though is great, the graphics although not DD like are also nice and overall the game is really good to play
In 3rd place is the NES version, and what a version this is…if we were going on gameplay alone this would be top…and its not just gameplay either the music is great, graphics are great although very Nintendoish …but we are comparing against a baseline (the arcade) and this is just too far removed to be DD2
2nd Place goes to the Amiga, This is everything that we expected the first game to be but then we were fobbed off with a pile of garbage. The graphics are great, the sounds although sometimes clunky are ok…the music does its job although it’s just the same tune looped over for the same game…but I can live with that because everything else is great
And now as everyone probably expected in 1st place is the Arcade. Now as a kid I could never get to grips with the drastic control change but as an adult I have learned to love this game, especially in the later levels when we see advanced fighting style bad guys etc. like the ones off Double Dragon Advance and we all know how good that game is

Ok that’s it for DD2 I’ve laughed, I’ve cried but overall I have had a good time making this…let me know in the comments below which your favourite version is….until next time this is OSG signing out

Systems in this video:-
MSX @ 00:38
ZX Spectrum @ 01:36
MS DOS/PC IBM @ 02:34
Atari ST @ 03:32
Commodore 64 @ 04:40
Nintendo GameBoy @ 05:28
Sega Mega Drive @ 06:26
Amstrad CPC @ 07:24
PC Engine CD @ 08:23
Nintendo Entertainment System @ 09:20
Commodore Amiga @ 10:18
Arcade @ 11:16

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