Sydney Hunter & The Caverns Of Death NES – June 2019 Update

Finally got the chance to do some more work on the port of Sydney Hunter and The Caverns of Death to the Nintendo Entertainment System.
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Lot’s of little updates as follows:
– Added a Status screen, which you can get to by pressing the ‘Select’ button, it shows:
– Current level #/name
– Total of each item collected
– Number of lives
– Fixed a bug with tile map patterns once I had more than 64 of them – took quite a while to work out and fix – this was stopping some elements from appearing and working correctly
– Adjusted the colours used by most of the sprites and patterns
– Collecting the skull on level 1 now triggers the lava trap and displays a warning message (lava progress animation to do)
– Dynamic loading of tile shapes so that more detail from the original SNES game can be included.
– All level 2 objects and enemies now present and working
– Fixed sensitivity of Sydney hitting his head and dying too easily

To Do:
– Animate lava rising
– Traverse rope bridges
– Level 2 puzzle logic
– Complete entry of the remainder of the levels
– Sound Effects
– Animation when hitting enemies
– Couple of reported bugs: Title Screen/Intro/Start drawing issues, Falling down and crossing a screen boundary, re-spawn position when screen entry is via a vine, controller sensitivity
– Play testing.

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