Commodore 64 Out Run (US Version) Full Game

Hey whatsup guys is OSG here and this video has come off the back of my massively successful OutRun Comparison in order of greatness.
In that video I featured both the Europe and the US version of Outrun and its become apparent that like me a lot of people didn’t know about the US version and just how good it was.
The game was developed by Martin Webb, Dennis Webb, Chris Oberth, Lou Haehn (the same team responsible for the Europe version) but as I found out a much more refined experience…..dont get me wrong I personally love the Europe version and it was one of my go to games during the late 80’s early 90’s but there was some things lacking
Martin actually commented on my first Outrun comparison video saying that he was glad I liked the game but also sort of apologizing at the same time that it wasn’t all it could have been. This he said was down to tight time constraints set by the infamous U.S. Gold
Now this version was published by Mindscape and the game was redesigned to have more detail for example the clouds, background and even the road seems more solid. There were also little tweaks that made so much difference like the Track Selection (car radio) screen that the EU version didn’t have.
All in all these changes and tweaks give the game a much more playable feel and the sense of speed for a 8 bit micro computer is great.
Anyway here it is the full game in all its glory ….. worth watching just for the killer SID tune which as with the Europe version was composed by Jason C. Brooke alone

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