Arcade Exclusives – CAPCOM

Here’s the first episode in a new series looking at arcade exclusive games. I thought a good place to start was with Capcom, who have been hugely influential on the arcade scene over the years.

Some of the games have featured in compilations, but none ever received a dedicated home port.

So, load up MAME, and join me as we look at some of Capcom’s best arcade exclusives…

Video sources:

Vulgus – World of Longplays (played by Roja Calor)
Street Fighter II – World of Longplays (played by SCHLAUCHI)
Street Fighter III – World of Longplays (played by SCHLAUCHI)
Final Fight – World of Longplays (played by ccronik)
Knights of the Round – World of Longplays (played by SCHLAUCHI)
Captain Commando – World of Longplays (played by SCHLAUCHI)
Strider – World of Longplays (played by SCHLAUCHI)
Marvel vs Capcom – World of Longplays (played by Valis77)
Alien vs Predator – Replay Burners
Alien vs Predator – Heroes of Xanadu – Sloth
Red Earth – insanity long play
Red Earth – Retro Pixel
Battle Circuit – Shadowserg
Battle Circuit – arronmunroe
Carrier Air Wing – Shadowserg
Armored Warriors – Shadowserg
Armored Warriors – TheInnocentSinful
Nemo – NintendoComplete
Cadillacs & Dinosaurs – Shadowserg
Cadillacs & Dinosaurs – Game Archive
Willow – NintendoComplete
Avengers – Retro Hawk
Avengers – Maskaman

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