Friday Waffle – Off The Cuff / Ad Hoc / Unedited / Raw Upload including some ancient Pickups

#VLOG #Pickups #Waffle

Been tidying up the study, trying to hang up some blinds. Cheap ones at that. Fixing them to the windows proves to be quite a hassle. The fixtures are over engineered and there’s no way to easily hang those. Elise is way doing an errand and is actually bringing me a fourth set of these cheap blinds to fix the last window.

Meanwhile I figured I’d record a quick VLOG Friday Waffle-style to just share what’s been going on and the pickups I did.

Some tips regarding a sound mixer I want to install in the study hooking up 5 sound sources to a set of studio monitors (powered monitors Rokit KRK) – might actually do a separate video in which I explain what I want and get some tips on how to go about it.

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