‘Friday Waffle’ On Thrifting – Pickups – Birthday – Science Fiction Expose – Retro PC – Holy Grail?

Today Wouter texted me if I would be interested to accompany him on his somewhat regular thrifting / game store run. I agreed and I saw the man get one of his holy grails!

I myself actually scored a bit of a grail thing, show some pickups from nedgame, share my experiences of the travelling Science Fiction – A Journey To the Unknown – expose that that is now situated in Rotterdam – de Kunsthal until June 30th 2019. Worth checking out there or in your neighbourhood if it happens to be there.

The specs of my retro gaming system (an exact clone of the one I had back in the day)
Aopen AX6BC with Intel 440BX
Intel pentium 3 550mhz
256mb PC133
6gb seagate hdd
3DFX Voodoo 3 3000 16mb agp
3COM 3C905B
Soundblaster Live
InWin IW-A500 with 250watt PSU
Asus DVD player
1.44 Floppy drive

Wouter’s video:

Victor Bart’s video on my retro PC he actually ended up buying from a homeless person:

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