Turrican II Comparison In Order Of Greatness (A true Classic)

OSG here and back with a Comparison In Order Of Greatness request from Sony Sucks and its for the mighty Turrican 2 which for some unknown reason I haven’t covered so far.
Turrican 2 was released in 1991 and is the work of the brilliant Manfred Trenz the game is most know for the epic soundtrack by Chris Huelsbeck.
People probably think this this is a Amiga game and then ported to other systems as Amiga is the most well-known but it is actually a C64 game even though the Amiga version was released first
Anyway its on 10 systems (including the re skinned Universal soldier ports for the Gameboy, Mega Drive and Snes)
Realistically 9 out of the 10 are pretty decent ports as you will see.
Systems in this video :-
Spectrum @ 01:04
Amstrad @ 02:03
Gameboy @ 03:02
Super Nintendo @ 04:01
Sega Mega Drive @ 04:59
Commodore 64 @ 05:58
Atari ST @ 06:57
CDTV @ 07:55
MSDOS @ 08:53
Amiga @ 09:51

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