Mean Machine | Talks – #7 – Silver Sabres Combat Academy

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Faisal is a 6th Generation student of Traditional Wu Shi Tai Ji Quan (Wu Style Tai Chi), training since 1995, and teaching since 2004.
He is an apprentice (tudi) to Michael W. Acton, a 5th generation indoor student of Grandmaster Li Liqun of Shanghai.
He has trained in both slow and fast unarmed forms, Jian (double edged straight sword), Dao (single edged broadsword/sabre) and Spear.

The Silver Sabres Combat Academy is an LED sabre school, teaching traditional sword arts for the purpose of Competitive, Dramatic, Live Combat!

The amazing LED sabre is beautiful to watch in motion, safe to use for contact work, and balanced perfectly to allow the study of genuine sword arts. Our core discipline is centred around longsword techniques, with other disciplines becoming available as students complete their basic training.


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