C64 Super Mario Bros. So Good Nintendo Took It Down

Hey guys OSG here and this time I’m doing a bit of a new thing for me. I was planning on featuring this game a week ago or so when it was released but after whats been going on on my channel and the inevitability that this game would be attracting a lot of attention from Nintendo I decided to leave it.
Now that that attention has indeed resulted in Nintendo issuing a take down notice on the game and the fact that this channel being largely Commodore 64 based I have decided that now would probably be a safe time to feature it….strictly for reporting reasons mind…no fun was had in the making of this video
For years as C64 owners we were never treat to a Super Mario Bros game on the C64. This was obviously due to copyright but we were treat to a port Mario Bros in the eighties and it was a great port of the original 1983 arcade game.
Other than that we had to make do with the Great Gianna Sisters which is in many peoples best Commodore 64 games lists…..but and don’t hate me for this I was never a real fan of the great Gianna sisters….having played SMB on arcade and at my friends house on NES It always felt like I was playing a cheap copy of the great game
Fast forward 34 years and we have finally been shown that not only was the game possible on the Commodore 64 but it was also capable of running an almost perfect version of it.
This game is a true feat of coding that took the Developer ZeroPaige 7 years to complete…. A long time you might think but when you play this game you will see why….the attention to detail is incredible resulting in a near perfect duplicate of the NES game running on our C64’s
Around 2 days ago Nintendo started issuing takedown notices on the game. I personally found out about the takedown from SmashJT (if you don’t know smashJT hes an American YouTube channel ran by Jeff , he is always on the cutting edge of retro news so I cant stress how much you should get over to his channel and subscribe…click the notification bell and you will never miss another gaming related story…oh and hes a great funny guy too)
Ultimately Nintendo have quashed all official ways to download this rom but most people in the c64 scene will either have it or know someone who has.
Now lests get to the reasons behind the takedown…. A lot of people are shaking their heads at Nintendo for doing this but as soon as I saw that it was released I knew that it wouldn’t be long before this happened and im sure that ZeroPaige although spending 7 years to complete also knew that this would happen….. is it a bad thing…. For people who didn’t get a copy yeah maybe but I would say for ZeroPaige it’s the greatest compliment that his years of coding could receive….reasons for this are you can google super Mario games on line and you witll be inundated with thousands of cheap lame SMB based games to play on flash etc …these have been left alone for years as they aren’t a threat to Nintendo…the fact that this release only took around a week to A get the attention of Nintendo and B get taken down proves what a great job ZeroPaige did.
So I say this to ZeroPaige I salute you for spending the time and effort to give us C64 users what we should have had 34 years ago.

Ok that’s it for me now, let me know in the comments your thoughts on this game and the Nintendo take down
And don’t forget to check out SmashJT’s channel the link below

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