Robocop Comparison In Order Of Greatness (Revamped and Reordered)

Hey Guys OSG here and this time im back with a remake of a comparison. Due to my YouTube fiasco I am having to redo my videos with commentary… anyway this is Robocop Comparison In Order Of Greatness.
Im quite glad I got the chance to remake this as in the first video I missed The CoCo version as I couldn’t emulate and I had placed the spectrum version unfairly low as I emulated on the 48K so no music etc

Systems in this video :-
Apple II @ 00:37
TRS-80 CoCo @ 01:37
MS DOS @ 02:35
MSX @ 03:33
Gameboy @ 04:42
Nintendo Entertainment System @ 05:31
Amstrad CPC @ 06:30
ZX Spectrum @ 07:29
Atari ST @ 08:27
Amiga @ 09:37
Commodore 64 @ 10:35
Arcade @ 11:34

As always thanks for watching and your continued support for my channel

All gameplay is recorded/edited and uploaded by myself

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