Prince Of Persia Comparison In Order Of Greatness (22 systems)

Please like this video, it takes a second of your time but it means a lot to me and my channel as far as the algorithm goes
This is a Patreon fast track request from Luke Rainford…and what a request it is. Prince of Persia Comparison In Order Of Greatness.
This game was a game changer back in the day with the super real character movement and sheer massiveness of the overall game
The Original game was made for the Apple 2 computer by Jordan Mechner he used rotoscoping for its fluid and realistic animation. (retroscoping is where real life footage is captures the the sprites are drawn over giving a real sense of movement)
For this process, Mechner used as reference for the characters’ movements videos of his brother doing acrobatic stunts in white clothes and swashbuckler films such as The Adventures of Robin Hood.
Anyway lest get on with it….and this was a hard one to order as there are no really bad games here
Systems in this video:-
Game Boy @ 01:06
SAM Coupé @ 02:05
Amstrad CPC @ 03:03
Game Boy Color @ 04:01
Spectrum @ 04:59
C64 @ 05:58
Amiga @ 06:55
Atari ST @ 07:53
MS-DOS @ 08:51
NES @ 09:50
Apple II @ 10:48
Game Gear @ 11:45
Master System @ 12:43
FM Towns @ 13:41
TurboGrafx-16 @ 14:40
Sharp X68000 @ 15:37
NEC PC-9801 @ 16:35
Sega CD @ 17:34
Wii @ 18:32
Super NES @ 19:30
MegadriveGenesis @ 20:27
Macintosh @ 21:26

All gameplay editing and uploading is carried out by myself….as well as the order of games, which i know is totally subjective

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