[AMSTRAD CPC] Uridium – Longplay & Review (BUGS FIXED!)

Longplay and review for “URIDIUM” on the Amstrad CPC!

Uridium was a famous horizontally scrolling shmup for the Commodore 64, which later got ported to a large range of computers. The story of the Amstrad version is a strange one – did it not get a full price release? Why did it appear so late? Did they not fully play test it given the game breaking bugs on later levels? And of course – how would the CPC handle the fast paced smooth scrolling action?! Let’s dive in!

A huge thank you to Nich on the CPC Wiki Forums for the bug hunting and fixes!!! Fixed .dsk dump of the game available there too – http://www.cpcwiki.eu/forum/games/uridium-game-breaking-bugcrash-budget-only-release/

(c) Hewson 1986/1987

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