Mighty Mouse Live-Action Movie In The Works!

Theres a live-action Mighty Mouse movie that’s in the works! It was just announced that we are getting a hybrid Live-Action Mighty Mouse movie thats being written by Jon and Erich Hoeber, who also wrote The MEG. The movie is going to be a hybrid – meaning a mix of live-action and animation.

Mighty Mouse Movie – https://movieweb.com/mighty-mouse-movie-writers-jon-erich-hoeber/

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Billy Idol was almost the T1000 in Terminator 2 – https://movieweb.com/terminator-2-billy-idol-original-t1000-robert-patrick/?utm_source=spotim&utm_medium=spotim_recirculation&spotim_referrer=recirculation&spot_im_comment_id=sp_jrr0VdcJ_NEkcNDHS9vbSol_c_1i2uRy

Dr. Who! – https://io9.gizmodo.com/doctor-whos-newest-animated-adventure-is-a-truly-brilli-1833900118

Beetlegeuse 2 – https://movieweb.com/beetlejuice-2-update-tim-burton/

Ghostbusters Steelbook – https://movieweb.com/ghostbusters-4k-blu-ray-steelbook-35th-anniversary/

Nicole and OJ – https://movieweb.com/nicole-and-oj-simpson-movie-exposes-real-killer/

Addams Family Trailer – https://movieweb.com/terminator-2-billy-idol-original-t1000-robert-patrick/?utm_source=spotim&utm_medium=spotim_recirculation&spotim_referrer=recirculation&spot_im_comment_id=sp_jrr0VdcJ_NEkcNDHS9vbSol_c_1i2uRy

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