[AMSTRAD CPC] James Bond 007 The Spy Who Loved Me – Longplay & Review

Longplay and review for “JAMES BOND 007 THE SPY WHO LOVED ME” on the Amstrad CPC!

This was Domark’s last James Bond movie licence game for the 8-bit home computers and they went back to Roger Moore’s most well regarded 007 film – basing it around the famous Lotus Esprit that could turn into an amphibious vehicle! So here were are with a ‘Spy Hunter’ clone, which is ironic given that game was a James Bond rip-off in the first place!

I had previously done a longplay and review of this game on my channel, however I’ve recently had to delete it due to copyright claims. I was never happy with my review anyway, so here’s a new ‘clean’ and better version!

(c) Domark 1990

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