M.N.O. – The A to Z of Game Consoles & Home Computers

M.N.O – My attempt to make the ultimate ‘almost’ complete video list of Game Consoles and Home computers released over the years since the early seventies. I have tried to make this as comprehensive as possible but a few rare systems and oddities will be missing.

This list comprises of the majority of relevant or obscure game consoles including some pong machines, Held held gaming systems and gaming & business home computers which don’t fall into the modern PC or Apple Mac universal formats of modern times. NO mobile devices, emulation boxes, mini re-releases, modern PC’s are included as the list would run forever. Some pong/dedicated consoles are included because of relevance, importance or interest, as are various clone systems and a few pocket computers.

If you notice a system missing, or one you feel belongs in this list, please message me and I will add it to the pinned comment with accreditation.

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