[AMSTRAD CPC] #AMSTREAM Request Night Live #4! “Best Of The Budget Games! (Part 1)”

Live Stream ▶ [AMSTRAD CPC] #AMSTREAM Request Night Live #4! “Best Of The Budget Games! (Part 1)”
Friday 8th February 22:00 (GMT)
#amstrad #amstradcpc

** GAMING STARTS AT 33:35 **

Allllright guys! REQUEST NIGHT LIVE IS BACK! But with a theme…. “Best Of The Budget Games!”
And I assume will be part 1 in a series too!

So yes guys …. the plan is to find the very best budget games on the Amstrad CPC! And I’ll need your help to do it because there’s so many – hence this is a REQUEST NIGHT too! But I have an idea of some of them already (eg Dizzy games, Thrust, Killer Cobra, Mission Genocide, Destructo, etc!), however I’ll be getting your input in the stream chat 🙂

Rules are it has to have been first released on budget at £3.99 or below! So no full priced re-release games like you’d find on the Hit Squad and Kixx labels!

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