[AMSTRAD CPC] Robozone – Longplay & Review

Longplay / walkthrough and review for “ROBOZONE” on the Amstrad CPC!

Robozone was an ambitious giant robot fighting game that included a side scrolling run’n’gun section, a full 3D section and finally a scrolling shmup R-Type style section – with an eco friendly ‘save the planet’ message too! It was a big release for Image Works and was heavily advertised, it was also meant to be a huge tie-in licence with a TV show in development – that was ultimately cancelled. The game was then rushed out and ultimately flopped. And seemingly forgotten! No longplays exist on YouTube for the 8-bit versions, in fact I can’t find any videos that show what happens after level 1! Was the 1st level just too hard and put people off? So I set myself the challenge of working it all out, beating it, and uploading a full longplay of this game! Have we been missing out all this time? Let’s find out!!

(c) Image Works 1991


Level 1 Map – https://twitter.com/xyphoe/status/1090014539674988546

Level 2 Map – https://twitter.com/xyphoe/status/1090014761264271360

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