My Ultimate64 Experience VI – Checking Out 6 Top Demos

#Ultimate64 #Commodore64 #FPGA

The Ultimate 64, an FPGA Commodore 64 re-implementation created by Gideon Zweijtzer. Which results in a brand new C64 that doesn’t need to use any of the old parts… well a keyboard still is needed but I’ve heard about new replacement mechanical keyboards being built for the C64. And if you use SID chips you can severely augment the audio experience. I put in two from two deceased C64s that had severe damage to the motherboard that rendered them un-salvageable.

In this video I check out the ‘TOP 6 demos’ on the Ultimate64 to see how they run and if there are any artifacts. The last demo has more artifacts than the others in such a way that it actually is noticeable even if you’re not intimately familiar with the demo.

Thanks to all the demo creators for their wonderful work, it keeps the C64 alive and kicking!

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