My Ultimate64 Experience V – Checking Out 3 New Homebrew Titles (Donkey Kong, Killerbees, Digiloi)

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The Ultimate 64, an FPGA Commodore 64 re-implementation created by Gideon Zweijtzer. Which results in a brand new C64 that doesn’t need to use any of the old parts… well a keyboard still is needed but I’ve heard about new replacement mechanical keyboards being built for the C64. And if you use SID chips you can severely augment the audio experience. I put in two from two deceased C64s that had severe damage to the motherboard that rendered them un-salvageable.

The homebrew games I check out in this video are:
Donkey Kong Arcade,
Killerbees Videopac Port,
Digiloi PetAscii game

People have had issues running the DonkeyKong Arcade game but I reckon the newer Ultimate64 firmware takes care of that. It made a ton of stable illegal opcodes available for the system which might have attributed to this game running now.

Killerbees is a game that is originally found on the Videopac / Odyssey 2 console but it has been ported to the C64 with a twist, or a slant…? Cool game!

Digiloi is a very cool run and gun type of game where the whole gamescreen has been created using coloured ASCII characters (including the special Commodore ones).

This footage has been recorded with:
OBS 64bit
Blue USB Microphone
Elgato HD60S USB3.0 external capture card
Ultimate64 1.2
Suzo Arcade joysticks (hence the clicky sounds in the background)

Thanks for watching.

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