My Ultimate64 Experience – Part II – Music & Sound (v2b)

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The Ultimate 64, an FPGA Commodore 64 reïmplementation created by Gideon Zweijtzer. Which results in a brand new C64 that doesn’t need to use any of the old parts… well a keyboard still is needed but I’ve heard about new replacement mechanical keyboards being built for the C64. And if you use SID chips you can severely augment the audio experience. I put in two from two deceased C64s that had severe damage to the motherboard that rendered them un-salvageable.

This video is part II featuring MUSIC and SOUND, in part I I check out the motherboard and build the system and check out how it functions. Part I can be found here:

Part III is being worked on at the moment and will feature GAMEPLAY.

Kudos go to Gideon for providing the community with this wonderful piece of kit, also the 1541 Ultimate solid state storage solutions he builds and provides a ton of ongoing support for.

The music used in this video is mostly created by LMan aka Markus Klein and will also run perfectly on real hardware. Check out the website of this multi talented artist:

Markus Klein’s / LMan’s YouTube channel can be found here:

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