Fixing The Limitations Of the Original Playstation’s GPU – Demonstrated with Ridge Racer Type 4

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Back then we were mesmerized by the awesome 3D graphics of that little grey box, but the GPU had quite some limitations when it came to floating point calculations needed to correctly map textures on polygons. Jittery graphics, warped textures, jumping textures were all part of what the original PlayStation charm.
– Wobbly polygons (lack of subpixel precision)
– Dancing/warping textures (lack of perspective correct texturing)

Emulators preserving the functionality of the original PlayStation have upped the game and have for years been improving the graphics by filtering the textures and upping the resolution, but the jumpy texture warping and zig zagging lines remained. Or have they?

The GPU flaw was (partially) corrected within the RetroArch Beetle PSX HW Core using PGXP (PGXP introduces subpixel precision to get rid of the wobbling polygon issues and it adds perspective correct texturing to stop the ‘texture warping/dancing’ issues).

In this video I compare the original’s graphics to the ‘corrected’ GPU with the emulator and I even show the game in 1080p – it has never looked better! 🙂

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