Beelink Gemini X55 ‘NUC’ Mini PC – Review Of Gaming & Emulation Capabilities

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The Beelink Gemini X45 & X55 NUC like small form factor PCs are well produced units that don’t feel cheap. The case is metal and has quite a bit of weight to it (= cooling solution).

The CPU of both systems is a quad core Gemini Lake Intel CPU running between 1.5 & 2.5-2.8 Ghz, graphics are built in Intel solutions either the HD 600 or HD 605 GPU. Ram is soldered to the motherboard and is either 6Gb or 8Gb DDR4. Connectivity galore with wifi, bluetooth, UTP 1Gb ethernet, SD/TFT card reader, analog audio out, 2 HDMI ports, Kensingon Lock, USB 3.x ports and comes with an external power brick.

After reviewing the Dreamcade Replay – which is mini PC with a similar form factor but quite less capable – I wanted to get something that would actually work with most of my emulation needs: upto GameCube, Wii, Playstation, Saturn and this system delivers that on many of the games I tried.

In this video I tried to do some proper frame time measurement with MSI Afterburner instead of just showing you footage and/or an FPS counter. I felt the need to do so as the Avermedia captered footage at 30fps doesn’t do the ultimate smoothness of an emulation experience this unit can provide justice.

I paid for these units with my own funds, this video is not a sponsored video. The opinions expressed in this video are my own and no one but me reviewed this video prior to uploading.

Google is your friend. I don’t condone piracy. Emulation is not piracy, it’s providing functionality and preserves access to software. This video is just for educational purposes.

The Dreamcase unit & review video I mention in the video can be found here: did a wonderful unboxing and in depth review of both the X45 and X55 units, you can find that video here:

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