Lacto’s Season’s Greetings 2018-2019

2018 has been quite a year, starting a new job with a longer
commute has proven to be the best decision in years. I
thoroughly enjoy my new place of employment including the
interaction with colleagues.

As for the YouTube channel, video uploads have slowed down a
little this year as I want to focus more on quality than
quantity. And I must say that after having been on YouTube
for over 10 years it takes a little longer to come up with a
topic I feel like sharing. I am not too keen on repeating
myself a lot. But on the other hand it might not be so bad to
cover something again a decade later!

YouTube has changed a lot the past years and I must say the
removal of most of the older social aspects of the site like
the ability to do video responses, PMs etc over time has been
rubbing me the wrong way. But YouTube seems to have gone and
repaired those social short comings by introducing more
modern variants of social interaction like live streaming,
community posts and quite a few more things. I can honestly
say that I still quite like the platform to this day and will
continue to be active for quite some time to come if is up to

As for the future of this channel, the plans for next year?
Perhaps the channel will move into a more higher production
value mode but don’t expect to change things drastically. I
have a broad range of interests and these will be reflected
on my channel so the videos will be an eclectic bunch like
they always have been. This might not be for all but it works
for me. I hope you guys will continue to watch, support and
interact by subscribing, commenting and liking the videos you
do like.

And now Season’s greetings to all my subscribers and friends.
I am going to mention some in the video. Please don’t be offended if
I leave you out as that is not intentional. Please feel
included in these well wishes!


Music: M.Galway
Fireplace: Giphy

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