Tubers High Score Challenge Recap – Tiger Heli

This is my recap of the score for this fortnight’s Tubers High Score Challenge round, with a game picked by myself called Tiger Heli (Arcade).

I think everyone enjoyed the game, check out each of the runs from the channel names below:
17. Gull Payne 28850 (NES version)
16. Retro Hawk 33000
15. retroredsteve 43880
14. davpreec 48960
13. HaroldLXXV 53680
12. Matropolis 55930
11. Electric Adventures 66510
10. Lucas Rainford 81290
9. Riddler 86970
8. Walking The Cow 108710
7. Kitt171 119880
6. MarcBlaster The Gamer 122510
5. James Avery 124540
4. Novabug 125890
3. acidonia150 125960
2. amigaoldskool 127380
1. old style gaming 136090

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