Video Game Bass: Lost Patrol – Main Theme Cover (Amiga 500)

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What better way for Video Game Bass to return than with this iconic Amiga track? Lost Patrol is a glorious piece of music, perfect for the game – and Chris Glaister’s one hit wonder is all about that ever so moody bassline.

This bassline is WAY harder than it sounds – it’s quite bare, doesn’t exactly lend itself to screwing around with, the rhythm is tricky to get used to and the main transition is a major pain, going across 3 strings ending as it does with a string skipping octave. At first it was really eluding me – the notes were there but the sound wasn’t – too dead when using the B string, and the fingering (oo-er) was hard to do consistently. But then I figured that even with a 5-string bass, the best way to play this is by detuning – in this case, a full step down. You can’t beat the ring of an open note after all, and it’s perfectly ok to do on a regular 4-string now. Then stick the treble pretty much as high as possible – this is very much a lead bassline, after all. Front and centre. This isn’t a perfect playthrough (the 2nd time around was better) but I’m pleased enough.

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