CPCine Episode 5 – CP/M on a CPC – The Amstrad CPC Video Magazine

Episode 5 of the Amstrad CPC Video Magazine covers all the news and new releases for the Amstrad CPC in November 1984; plus features and reviews.

This month’s episode contents list:

00:00 Title Sequence
01:34 News
08:32 New Releases
12:00 Charts
13:30 DR Logo
17:03 Classic vs Colossal Adventure
23:55 Type-in Review: Kingdoms
26:53 CP/M on the CPC
33:13 New Game Review: Laser Boy
35:58 Demo Review: Face Hugger’s Ultimate Megademo
42:13 Software Review: Amsword
47:20 Final Thoughts

Face Hugger’s Ultimate Megademo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VcqzU5jnLNE

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