Checking Out The Dreamcade Replay Console – An Overview & Demonstration (August 2018)

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The Dreamcade Replay is touted as ‘the One Console to Rule Them All’ and ‘the Universal Flashback Console’ capable of playing thousands of games from a huge selection of consoles and home computer systems.

It basically is a little Windows 10 PC much like an Intel NUC, with a 2 core Intel Celeron Apollo Lake CPU J3355 running at 2.5Ghz, 4Gb of RAM and a 32Gb Flash drive. I got my system with a 2.5″ harddisk expansion bay.

My system developed a fault as the internal 32Gb drive got corrupted during the first boot and I had to resort to reinstalling Windows 10, and lost the Dreamcade Replay Frontend in the process. As the Dreamcade came with an activated Windows 10 Home, reinstalling Windows 10 Home from a bootable USB stick
resulted in a Working activated Windows 10 on the system. I did have to install Windows to the extra SSD I installed in my expansion harddrive bay as the system refused to boot from the internal flash memory and/or wouldn’t install Windows to it.

As I didn’t have any of the front-end emulator software on the system I had to install my own selection of front-end emulators. I opted for:
– RetroArch – nice clean fast frontend
– Launchbox / BigBox – especially the latter works well, but loads dreadfully slow when launching it.
– Running Emulators without a front-end

This video shows me giving an overview of the system and demonstrating the various systems it is capable of emulating quite well. I must say that what it does it does well despite it only having 2 cores end 4Gb of memory.

Originally launched as a kickstarter project, the company behind it is gearing up for it to be publicly available outside of the kickstarter project. More information can be found here:

I purchased this console with my own funds as I partook in the Kickstarter. No one is paying me to make this video, nor is what I have to say about this product screened by anyone aligned to this console. The opinions you hear in this video are my own.

Score: 7-8/10 when it comes to price/performance. It really is quite powerful for it’s size to see it run Dreamcast, Gamecube and Wii games full speed was flabbergasting.

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