[AMSTRAD CPC] Dan Dare II (Mekon’s Revenge) – Longplay & Review (Fixed Version!)

Longplay / walkthrough and review for “Dan Dare II – Mekon’s Revenge” on the Amstrad CPC!

This famous British comic book sci-fi hero is back, and the Mekon returns with a vengeance! If you missed the first game and who Dan Dare is – be sure to check out the longplay and review of the first game – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mjsYmhFvzDY

On the sequel Dan and his Space Fleet chums are on the Mekon’s ship heading to earth trying to destroy all the genetically engineered SuperTreens!

The original version of this game released commercially had a game breaking bug at the end of the final level, meaning you could never complete it. Some wonderful chaps have fixed the bugs, so here for the first time on YouTube is the full longplay to completion of the Amstrad version!

(c) Virgin Games 1987

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