[AMSTRAD CPC] Double Feature “Batman & Bond!” Live Longplay! +Rampage #AMSTREAM [Xyphoe Live Stream]

Live Stream ▶ [AMSTRAD CPC] Double Feature “Batman & Bond!” Live Longplay! +Rampage #AMSTREAM
Friday 10th August 2018


Allright guys! AMSTREAM time!! And we’re at the movies for a double feature of Batman & Bond!
Ocean’s “Batman The Movie” and Domark’s “James Bond 007 Licence To Kill!” on the Amstrad CPC!
Live longplays of both!

This’ll be a fun relaxed stream, and possibly a little shorter than usual – not risking a big spectacular event stream when Virgin Media Broadband has been terrible recently. :

But if we finish super early then you get a bonus feature of “Rampage” – given the new movie based on it has been out this year and I’ve never done anything on the game before in my channel!

After we’ll be starting a H1Z1 live stream up 🙂

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♪ Music! ♪
Any synthwave music you hear in the stream is done by one of our very own… (you’ll have seen him in live streams before!) the excellent “24:7” from his awesome “Zero Hour” and NEW album “NAEON”. More info and to buy tracks here – https://timeslaves.bandcamp.com/album/naeon

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