[H1Z1] Xyphoe’s H1Z1 Highlights Compilation #3 (All ‘Off Season’ Solo Wins!)

[H1Z1] Xyphoe’s H1Z1 Highlights Compilation #3 (All ‘Off Season’ Solo Wins!)

Battle Royale time again on the PC version of H1Z1, here’s a compilation of all my (17 wins) from the 1st ‘off season’ in the last few weeks – which has a fair amount of salty players getting angry at me again!

So in between Season 1 and Season 2 that has just started, is what’s called the ‘off season’ – where matches don’t count towards your ranking etc, but it gave us time to test out the new map (hence why some of the first few games here are low kills as I get used to the map) and movement/combat updates. Here are all my wins!

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