Auto Generated CC Makes My Videos More Accessible – Kudos to YouTube!

Every once in a while I got asked if I could provide subtitles or CC for the videos I create. I tried to see whether or not I could provide transcripts or create subtitles for my videos but as a one man hobbyist I just wasn’t able to provide a service like that!

To my surprise it turns out that my English seems to be good enough for YouTube’s autogenerated CC system to actually make sense of my verbal utterings without turning it into absolute nonsense! That pleased me a lot as finally my videos have become more accessible to the hearing impaired and deaf.

Kudos to Google and YouTube for creating voice recognition software that actually understand non native dialects! Quite a feat!

It actually takes a little while after uploading for the CC option to appear as it seems that YouTube needs a bit of time to process the video. But going back in my backlog of videos it seems that quite a few of my videos ended up having autogenerated CC

When you watch this video close after it was uploaded it may be that CC still isn’t available yet.

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