Mark Plays… Cosmo Gang The Video (コズモギャング・ザ・ビデオ)(SuperFamicom)(J) – A Tubers Highscore Challenge

Cosmo Gang: The Video (コズモギャング・ザ・ビデオ Kozumo Gyangu: Za Bideo)
Developer & publisher: Namco
Designer: Kohji Kenjoh
Release: 1991 Japan only
Platforms: Arcade & Super Famciom
Version played: Super Famicom
Shmup, cute’m up

This fortnights Tubers High Score Challenge game is Cosmo Gang The Video Game. An extremely fun, Galaga like shoot em up.
The cool part about this game is that it has a two player co-up. Great couch multiplayer gaming.

Score: 754730

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