📺 Indiana Jones 5 Movie Postponed 😠

The Return of Indiana Jones in his 5th movie which was suppose to come out July of 2019 has been pushed back to a july 2021 release date. The reason for the delay on the film is due to some script issues they are having and also there is a new draft being written for the movie, according to the Hollywood Reporter.com.

Harrison Ford is now 75 years old, and he’s going to be 78 by the time Steven Spielberg is ready to release this 5th Indiana Jones movie, so lets just hope that Ford is still interested in making the movie when they are ready to start production.

You guys ready for another Indy movie? I wasn’t real impressed with the 4th movie, so this one really needs to be good. Also, do you think this will be the last Indiana Jones movie, cause it sure looks like it could be.

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