Mobile Suit Gundam Live Action Movie Being Made By Legendary Pictures

Mobile Suit Gundam is getting a live action Movie, and while many might be wondering what Gundam is.. If you’ve watch Ready Player One, you probably already have an Idea, cause Mobile Suit Gundam made a HUGE appearance at the end of the movie.

Mobile Suit Gundam was a Japanese animated television series from 1979 that has spawned a ton of sequels, spin-offs, hugely popular line of toys and is now setting its sights on a live-action version of the popular series. So what better time to announce a movie based on the iconic Japanese mecha saga! Gundam is one of the most influential giant robot sagas of all time, and one that you’d totally expect to get its own movie, eventually.

Legendary Pictures is making the film, and they were also responsible for the hugely popular film Pacific Rim, which is also about giant robots manned by humans, so them wanting to do a Gundam movie is right up their alley. And with the resurgence of Transformers, Voltron and a Power Rangers Movie, giant robots are all the rage right now.

Were still into the early stages of this project, so no writer, director, or cast have been named, and we don’t know the plot or when it will be released.

But Legendary Pictures did release a synopsis on the world of Gundam.

“The original Gundam series is set in the Universal Century, an era in which humanity’s growing population has led people to emigrate to space colonies.

Eventually, the people living in the colonies seek their autonomy, and launch a war of independence against the people living on Earth.

Through the tragedies and discord arising from this human conflict, not only the maturation of the main character, but also the Intentions of enemies and the surrounding people are sensitively depicted.

The battles in the story, in which the characters pilot robots known as mobile suits, are wildly popular.”

That’s all the news we have for Mobile Suit Gundam for now, but I totally loved this series as a kid and once I get more info on it, ill let all you Retro Fans know!

And what you guys think? Any of yall grow up watching Gundam, or even Robotech and getting excited for this news? Let me know in the comments.

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