Retro Coleco Homebrew Games (Team Pixelboy) Pickup & Play July 2018

The next lot of home brew games has arrived from Team Pixelboy, after a two month journey from Canada. Not only are there eight new games to add to my library but also the remainder of the boxes for the fund raising series for Oscar.

A big video, but lots of really good games that deserve a decent game play each, so grab your favourite hot beverage and enjoy.

The game plays in this video are:
– C-So (Colecovision)

– Secret of the Moa! (Colecovision)

– Children of the Night (Colecovision)

– Ghostbusters (Colecovision)

– Flicky (Colecovision)

– Zombie Incident (Colecovision)

– King & Balloon (Colecovision)

– Wizard of Wor (Colecovision)

And sorry I recorded but forgot to include the Wresting Game in the video, I will do a separate video on that one another time.

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