When Is RGB To Much RGB? Is it ever?

I upgraded my gameroom PC with an AMD Ryzen 2700x, a good price/performance ratio. It comes with a boxed RGB cooler, and the motherboard I ordered turned out to be flash RGB as well. My videocard already was RGB enabled but never took much notice of that. The AMD compatible RAM turned out to be RGB as well so my whole system is very much RGB capable.

When the case needed some proper case fans I choose 3 RGB coolermaster fans to have the optimal but totally RGB enabled experience.

It now looks like a Chrismas tree somewhat but for some reason I seem to be drawn to those colours like Gollum to his precious ring… It does beg the question, when is RGB too much?

Should I care? Or should I just enjoy the bling bling RGB rainbow effects? I think I’ll opt for the latter.

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