Rally de Europe & Rally de Africa – 2 Racing Games On Old Consoles (PSX)(J)

Rally de Europe and Rally de Africa are two racing games, published by Prism Arts quite late in the original Playstation’s life span. The Africa game was released in 1998 and the Europe sequel in 2000.
Sadly these rather late Playstation games never had a release in Europe or America. Quite obscure titles that can be had for very little money (july 2018) and worth checking out if you are capable of playing Japanese Playstation discs. Mind you all the menus and the audio is in English so it’s no issue using and understanding this game.

The games support the dual shock analog sticks and it’s nicer playing with the analog sticks than the digital gamepad mode.

I’d give these games 7.5/10 as there are some glitches in it that could have been eradicated.
– bumpy car glitches
– camera showing bits outside of the rendered scene glitches

But all in all a great set of games, especially if you like Japanese style racing games.

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