LEGO VOLTRON Coming August 1st!

If you were a kid in the 1980’s or late 90s, or even have a Netflix subscription now, you know about Voltron. Well, LEGO has finally announced the new LEGO set called LEGO VOLTRON: Defender of the Universe, and it looks pretty damn awesome. You don’t have to be a toy lover to appreciate how amazing this new Lego set is. But if you’re a Voltron fan at all – your probably going to love IT.

At over 15 inches tall, and being able to build each lion separately and then combine them, will be all kinds of great nostalgia. It also comes in a box that reminds us of the 1984 matchbox Voltron packaging, which is a nice added touch.

Coming with 2321 pieces and a sword and shield, from the pictures we get to see, this set has all the detail and beautiful craftsmanship we would expect of a Lego Voltron Toy. According to Lego, its going to cost a hefty $179.99 to buy and they will first be available at the San Diego Comicon in July and then finally available to the public on August 1st.

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