A Sonic the Hedgehog Ceramic Painted Rhino? Happy Birthday Sonic! – G to the Next Level

In honor of the 27th birthday of my favorite gaming character ever, during a team-building meet for my job, we painted ceramic rhinos and it’s natural that I would paint mine as Sonic the Hedgehog! So kick back, and see in real-time how I managed to do my best at giving that rhino the blue blur’s look and ‘tude.

Also, I am thrilled to be attending the Sonic Artist Meetup in Dallas/Fort Worth on June 29th. As I mentioned in the video, there will be a lot of wonderful artists to meet, buy some art for charity, and meet me if you can come out! Here is the link to the meetup website and their twitter account if you’d like to know more (plus they also have a Discord channel as well):

Website: https://sonicmeetup.wixsite.com/info
Twitter: https://twitter.com/SonicMeetupDFW
Discord: discord.gg/x5sKfss

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Sonic the Hedgehog 2 – Sky Chase Zone

“G to the Next Level SPECIAL: A Sonic the Hedgehog Ceramic Painted Rhino Crafting Project? Happy Birthday, Sonic!

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