Are There Too Many YouTubers?

Let’s discuss. I say NO but others say there are.

This video is inspired by and a video response to two videos made by two amazing YouTubers I have been watching for a long time.

Sandamtod’s video:

John Hancock’s video:

There’s not too many You Tubers when you look at YouTube as a social medium with people sharing and talking about things they like. You Tube Too! It’s your tube too!

When you look at YouTube as a TV replacement medium making replacement TV shows each with their patreon tiers and competing for viewers aiming to make it big then some feel it’s too hard to stand out. People expect to make a channel to grow in a short time and that’s not going to happen if your content isn’t viral or exceptional.

YouTube isn’t about competing for subscribers or views with other YouTubers when you look at YouTube from a social medium point of view. But if you’re in it for the money/as a job it basically tuns it into a competitive thing that is perhaps perceived as over saturated for some. There’s nothing wrong with either way of viewing YouTube, but I myself been going at it since 2006 with two channels and haven’t grown as much as fast as you and many others. But I am on YouTube for different reasons that you perhaps. I am in it for the social interaction and not necessarily to be successful.

So there are many ways of looking at YouTube, it started out as a social medium. “It’s Your Tube Too”. It has turned into a proxy TV platform / podium for others.

I watch channels for the content but also to a great extent for the personality of the YouTuber, there’s a lot of folk I like and there’s a lot of folk out there that I don’t like. Why do I subscribe to a channel? Because I like the person making the videos. That quite a few of us are going pro at it earning money from it can be a good thing but once you become very successful the social aspects and interaction gets diluted you basically get swamped with feedback.

YouTube as replacement entertainment for TV vs YouTube as a means of interacting with friends. Neither is better. It’s just different ways of using the medium.

But mandatorily smiling for 7 minutes on end to keep the interest, like John says? Putting on a stage presence? That’s perhaps a good for doing a professional TV show-like thing but it won’t work if you use YouTube as a way to share a hobby in a very personal way with friends and you try to be your genuine self interacting with others as friends.

People are on YouTube for many different reasons. None is better than the other. But personally I would never say there’s too many YouTubers out there.

Things don’t always have to be so d*mn competitive do they?

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