PS2 Emulation on a Ryzen7 2700x at Stock Speed, 1070GTX and 16Gb RAM at 2933Mhz (PCSX2)(60fps)

Took the plunge and decided to upgrade my aging gaming rig in the gameroom to something substantial that would last me for quite some time to come.

Ryzen 2700x
16Gb DDR4 3600Mhz memory
X470 Gigabye Aorus motherboard
512Gb Intel SSD
4Tb Hitachi HD

After trying the PCSX2 Emulator with MotorStorm Arctic Edge running at native PS2 resolution in software mode (see previous video) I decided to try Gran Turismo 3 Aspec in 3x PS2 resolution in HW OpenGL mode. Basically playing Gran Turismo 3 in HD!
It also ran 100% and very smooth. It even does the priorities of the special dirt effects in the game properly this time. At the end of the video I show the settings used.

Watch the video at 60fps.

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