Mark Tries… Tower 57 (PC) – An Excellent Twin Stick Shmup – for the first time

Tower 57 is available on PC (Stream,, PS4 and the Next Gen Amigas developed by Pixwerk & published by 11 bit studios.

It’s a retro looking twin stick shooter where cooperation is important and you control a 3 headed task force. You need to complete tasks and and missions. It’s a modern take on what old Amiga games used to look like. Chaos Engine from the Bitmap brothers comes to mind, as well as SmashTV.

It features an isometric 16-bit pixel graphics style, has wonderful music that goes well with the game. It is best played with a controller that has two analog buttons, two shoulder buttons and triggers as well as four action buttons: ala xbox, xbox360, DualShock Playstation controllers or Logitech rumblepad controllers.

In this video I try the game for the first time, it’s not my most talkative first impressions video but I was just in awe of the game.

Score: 8/10

P.S. They’re also working on a Linux version!

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