DMA DESIGN TALK & Q&A [Play Expo Blackpool 2018]

We are delighted to present Steve Hammond who joined us on 10th February 2018 at 4pm at PLAY Expo Blackpool to chat about his time at DMA Design and his upcoming book.

Steve was one of the earliest members of DMA Design, freelancing from 1988 to 1991 and then working full time for the studio until 1997. While there he worked on C64 conversions of Ballistix and Shadow of the Beast as well as many other notable games including Hired Guns, Body Harvest, Unirally and of course Lemmings.

DMA Design eventually went on to become Rockstar North who still develop the Grand Theft Auto games.

Steve said “I’m looking forward to taking part in a celebration of gaming history, of which I’m astounded to discover I was part of! I’ll be chatting about what it was like to be in a game company back when it was still a weird thing.”

“I’ll talk about some of DMA Design’s games including lesser known ones which were never released. Learn what it’s like to actually be part of a museum exhibit for DMA, and why I thought it was worth writing a book about them. And also why I think I have circumstantial and shaky evidence that I wrote the funniest game instruction booklet in the world.”

Presented by Dan Wood and Ravi Abbott of THE RETRO HOUR podcast

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