Your Retro Games Could Be Worth Thousands…

or at least according to News Shopper they are…

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Just in case the article is removed/changed here is the full original text.

Your retro games and gadgets could be worth thousands of pounds

You could be sitting on a goldmine of old toys and technology, so here is a list of what could be earning you thousands.

We are always harping on about the good old days, when we had cassette players and floppy discs, that Tracy Island and our Sega Mega drive, and for good reason.

A new report shows just how much your old items could be worth and some are being sold for a fortune.

Copies of the original first-print Japanese edition of Final Fantasy are being listed for £3,966.25.

Other high-value classics include Donkey Kong 64 (£2,999.99), Tetris (£999.99) and GoldenEye (£499.99) according to

Gaming has seen a huge retro revival in recent years, with more and more of us buying toys and games that we used to spend hours playing with.

The research shows that spikes in searches for retro games has actually been influenced by modern technology.

Playing these retro games on smartphones is not only cheaper than forking out thousands for the original kit, but is also making the old classics more accessible to a new generation of gamers.

After a quick look around on eBay, one Sega Megadrive is being sold for a whopping £4,500, others range from £699 to £70 depending on the condition.

Sony Walkmans are selling anywhere from £1,950 to £280 and cassette decks are anywhere between £1,950 and £5. First generation iPods are fetching anywhere from £1,650 to £5.

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