Electric Adventures, The Games – Othello Challenger

This is the 6th video in a new series where I am going to highlight each of my classic games I wrote for both the original Spectravideo and MSX computers.
In this video we are going to have a look at a puzzle/board game called Othellow Challenger.

The inspiration for this game was of course the board game Othello. A strategy game, related to the much more complex game Go, but with quite simple rules. I have always been quite pleased with how well I got the computer AI to play the game, it actually does a pretty decent job, using a point based system, but with some small random variances through in to give it some unexpected moves.

The listing for this one is a lot larger than the previous entries so I don’t step through it in as much detail as previous episodes, but the source code is available to download and play with at my website here:

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