[AMSTRAD CPC] “The Roland Games” The Amstrad CPC Mascot! All Games! [Xyphoe Live Stream]

Live Stream ▶ [AMSTRAD CPC] “The Roland Games” The Amstrad CPC Mascot! All Games!
Friday 2nd February 22:00 (GMT)

Please note! We experienced some horrible LAG in the stream due to issues with Virgin Media (no surprise there!) but it did resolve itself. The LAG starts at 19:42 and resolves itself at 33:07 – so it is best that you skip this part of the video when you reach it. Sorry!!

This week’s Live Stream will be about our little friend Roland and all his adventures on the Amstrad CPC! We’re going to explore Amsoft’s mascot for the CPC through all his games in a chilled and relaxed stream! Roland Ahoy? Nostalgia ahoy!

Roland Ahoy!
Roland Goes Digging
Roland Goes Square Bashing
Roland In Space
Roland In The Caves
Roland In Time
Roland On The Ropes
Roland On The Run

Roland In The Haunted House (Unofficial)
Roland Takes A Running Jump (Unofficial)

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