Intalling a Cryorig C1 Cooler In My PC – testing out the new Camera

In my retrogaming emulation system I needed to replace the stock fan to a low noise, highter TDP version so that the system can clockboost and run cool.

Excellent setting to test the ad-hoc vlogging capabilities of my new camera. Lighting is just as it would be without me recording this.

In low light the camera does well, of course you do get ‘ noise ‘ but when you take into account the low light conditions I was filming at – this camera does a stellar job.

It’s the Canon EOS 200D which I managed to get for a nice price, with a nice EFS 18-55mm kit-lens that does image stabilisation silently.

0.25m/0.8ft – infinity
It is possible to hook up one of my external lapel mics or use a Rodes shotgun mic (if only I had one of those) but I was using the internal stereo mics which actually record quite a decent sound.

The Cryorig C1 cooler can be used with a wide array of intel and adm cpu/sockets. It’s a low profile cooler with excellent cooling capabilities. The temp of my CPU is nice and cool.

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