Commodore Amiga CD32 – TF328 RAM & IDE Expansion (& The Dream of Rowan on 020)

A short video looking at the TF328 from Terrible Fire, and a quick look at “Time Gal” and “The Dream of Rowan” too.

Brace yourself for the number of links…. :o)

Terrible Fire “CD32 RAM+IDE in a Weekend” video:-

Terrible Fire eBay Shop

Support Terrible Fire by buying a mug or t-shirt:-

Terrible Fire Github (everything needed to build one)

Amibay Orders Thread (Mark AKA supaduper)

The Dream of Rowan (Digital Download):-

Amiten TV (Creator of The Dream of Rowan):-

Dan Wood (A TF328 may land on his channel soon?!?!)

Kipper2K (Not selling products at the moment) – you can probably find similar products on Amibay though if you ask around:-

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