Finnish – The End For Now

So yeah, this is a weird video but it’s true. I’m ending Dave’s Nostalgia Trip and the whole infectedflinch side of things for now. I’m refocusing things and I explain things better in the video.

It’s not a decision I’ve made lightly. Retrogaming for me has changed personally and I can’t pretend to keep doing videos when they drain me emotionally when I have to edit them.

However, I’ve made so many friends, I’ve made so many creative things and this I’m going to continue with all of you in DNT Games. I want to make a good go and I have a new journey to make which I can’t talk about right now…

…but don’t be sad it’s over, be happy it happened. I know I am so glad it did.

Go to DNT Games where I’ll be doing more stuff now:

The games I were talking about:

The Retrounlim Video:

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