Original Rudolph Puppet On EBAY!

The Original Rudolph Puppets are for sale on Ebay and the seller wants 10 million for it, also The Breakfast Club Movie Criterion Collection has 50 minutes of unreleased video and is coming to Bluray.

Rudolph For Sale on EBAY – http://www.complex.com/pop-culture/2017/12/original-1964-rudolph-puppets-going-for-insane-money-on-ebay

Mad About You Revival –

Seth McFarlane Star Trek – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sn_Sgcxg5PQ&t=18s

Roseanne Commercial – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cr8_vkzo8mk

Breakfast Club Criterion Collection – http://www.thehdroom.com/bluray/the-breakfast-club-criterion-collection-blu-ray-coming-january-111071/

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The Original Rudolph Puppets are for sale on Ebay, also The Breakfast Club Movie has 50 minutes of unreleased video coming to Bluray, and we’ve got tons more Retro News coming up!

Waddup to my Peoples!

Welcome back to RETRO CRUNCH, your nostalgia news show that is all about Current Pop Culture, Movies, Music, and Games that relates to all things 70s, 80s, and 90s!

Alright, were gonna start off with a little bit of Christmas Cheer. If you’ve ever wished you could get a close up look at the famous animated puppets from the Stop-Motion Classic special Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer, your in luck!

EBAY as it turns out, will sell just about anything. The Rudolph puppet and Santa Claus, which are the actual puppets used to make the 1964 movie, are up for auction on EBAY.

I went and checked out the auction myself just to find out how much this thing was going to sell for, and Its listed for the un-merry price of 10 Million bucks!!

I can think of a few things I’d rather spend 10 million bucks on!

But don’t grab your checkbook just yet, It looks like the owner prematurely stopped the auction due to a error in the listing, but I think its probably cause noone was willing to pay that kinda money for the puppets.

And after looking at the listing, it looks like they were going to ship the puppets to whoever won the auction.

You pay me 10 million for some puppets. I guarantee you that it will be the most memorable puppet delivery in the history of delivering puppets! Ill run across the country with it in a briefcase for that kinda dough.

Ill link to the auction down below, and who knows, maybe one of you will be the lucky bidder if it goes up again. Just don’t forget to invite me over to get selfies with the puppets when you win!

And next up in RETRO TV and Movie News.

If you’re a fan of The Breakfast Club like me, youll be interested to know that the 4K digital restoration version will be in stores Januray 2nd, 2018.

But you may be like, Ahhh.. I already have 2 copies of it and I’ve seen it like totally 40 times, so you may not care.

Awww, OK.. So, in addition to a great new digital restore and tons of interviews and footage, its going to have 50 extra minutes of never before seen extended and deleted scenes.

I’ve seen Breakfast Club tons of times, and knowing theres even more scenes that have never been released is pretty cool. Probably worth watching, even if its just to get to see Emo Ally Sheedy again. And you gotta love Bender!

Alright, And now for some TV reboot and revival news..

First off, Helen Hunt and Paul Reiser are reported to be returning for a Mad About You Revival.

According to tvline.com, Sony pictures is in talk with Helen and Paul on bringing the show back for a limited run.

And the storyline might revolve around the two grappling with empty-nest syndrome since their now 17 year old daughter is off to college.

The show ended in 1999 with the final episode doing a flash-forward to 22 years in the future. But as were seeing with the Roseanne revival, they may just act like that last episode never happened.

And speaking of Roseanne’s show coming back. Theres a new trailer for the show and it looks like its gonna premiere on March 27th on ABC.

This trailer pokes fun at the finale twist of Dan dying. So, it will be Interested to see how they explain this in the new show or if they even will.

And then I found a interesting video of Seth McFarlane when he made a star trek fan fiction video as a 14 year old kid.

Seth is the creator of popular shows like Family Guy and American Dad. The video Kinda gives you an idea of why he might be so interested in sci-fi.

Hell, he even has a current show called the Orville that’s basically a Star Trek Rip-Off, and that’s actually pretty good.

And last.. On this day in History, 1984.

BAND AID hit the #1 charts in the UK with the single “DO they Know Its Christmas Time”.

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